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This site is a simple repository for various lisp machine related projects. I'm happy to host other lispm projects - please send me email.

Brad Parker brad at unlambda dot com

Projects Notes:

03/27/16 Moved site (again). Hopefully everything still works.

10/20/11 Moved site and revamped just a little, restoring missing files. I plan to put more information on the CADR emulation project here.

02/03/07 Dan Moniz has set up some nice wiki pages (with contributions from others) which describe the various lisp machine emulators. Thanks to Tim Newsham for the pointer.

11/07/06 These pages now generated from lisp! I wrote a simple scheme back-end for Apache and wrote an s-expression to HTML generator.

10/1/06 A very nice rendering of the 6th edition of the Lisp Machine Manual done by Hans Hubner. He has reformatted the original Bolio input into modern day html. It's very pleasant to use and very helpful.

08/07/06 CADR usim v0.9 - Mac OSX support - mouse now in sync with cursor - warm start!

07/17/06 CADR lispm font . A nice font you can use with X - it looks the same as the CADR lispm console font.

06/13/06 Added texinfo/html Lisp machine manual, 4th ed

Recent work
CADR usim v0.9 - Mac OSX, mouse sync, warm start
CADR usim v0.8 - alu fixes. New chaos code.
CADR usim v0.7 - builds on OS X. Win32 version. New chaos code.
Meroko - boots into lisp!

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